The Millis Institute

The Millis Institute is a new initiative promoting a revolution in Australian higher education. 

We are inspired by a different vision of university—not as an institution that simply provides job training, but as a community of learning that also cultivates wisdom, creativity and character. The Millis Institute offers three unique accredited degrees in the Liberal Arts:

•   Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts,
•   Diploma of Liberal Arts: Foundations of Learning
•   Diploma of Liberal Arts: Foundations of Wisdom
•   Graduate Certificate in the Liberal Arts
•   Graduate Diploma in the Liberal Arts

The Millis Institute encourages students to lay a strategic foundation in thinking at the undergraduate level and to specialise at the postgraduate level.  With a 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year option, our Liberal Arts degrees help to liberate students from a single career track and open up a broader range of options for them.  Students can also take advantage of a 5-week intensive at Oxford University in England.

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