The Witherspoon Fellowship (2-day intensive)

Short Course – The Witherspoon Fellowship

The Millis Institute runs an annual short course for emerging leaders in Queensland called The Witherspoon Fellowship. The idea of the Witherspoon Fellowship is to form a band of like-minded young men and women and to help prepare them to engage the pressing questions of our day. This year’s Fellowship will take place on 23 – 24June 2017 at CHC (Carindale).

The program is named after John Witherspoon, the former president of the university now known as Princeton who trained many emerging leaders in history, theology, eloquence, and moral philosophy. His students would go on to fill many positions of influence, including:

                        • 1 President (James Madison)
                        • 1 Vice President
                        • 3 Supreme Court justices
                        • 12 state governors
                        • 13 university presidents
                        • 21 senators
                        • 29 congressmen
                        • over 100 clergy

Historians have dubbed Witherspoon “the man who shaped the men who shaped America.” His legacy inspires us to provide a modern-day fellowship of emerging leaders with the same kind of intentional and personal preparation.

The Witherspoon Fellowship is a two-day gathering that provides students a grounding in the liberal arts that prepares them for leadership in a contemporary context. Hosted at CHC’s Carindale campus, participants engage in a number of formative activities, including discussion-based seminars focused on the great minds and great ideas of Western Civilisation, public-speaking and debate training, and even ballroom dancing!  The seminars are led by Dr Ryan Messmore, Executive Director of the Millis Institute, Prof Darren Iselin, President of CHC,  Dr Dave Benson, Millis Institute Tutor.

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