Social Sciences Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Course Name Code Duration Overseas OC E
Diploma of Social Science SS04 1F/2P Available
Bachelor of Applied Social Science SS17 3F/6P Available
Bachelor of Social Science (Continuing Students Only) SS11 3F/6P Available
Bachelor of Counselling SS18 3F/6P Available

Postgraduate Courses

Course Name Code Duration Overseas OC E
Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership SS31 .5F/1P Available
Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychotherapy SS33 .5F/1P Unavailable
Master of Counselling SS51   2F/4P Available
Master of Social Science (Continuing Students Only) SS53 1F/2P Unavailable
Master of Social Science Leadership SS54 1.5F/3P Available

Overseas – Overseas students who are studying in Australia under the provisions of a temporary visa.

OC – On Campus, E – External Studies

Course Coordinators

Master of Counselling – Toni Neil

Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling) – Karenne Hills

Undergraduate (Diploma and Bachelor) Social Sciences Courses – Garth Hentzschel

Postgraduate (Grad Cert, Masters) Social Sciences Courses – Dr Johannes Luetz

Counselling and Support Centre – Dr Ann Crawford

Course Accreditation

School of Social Sciences courses are:

The Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling) and Master of Counselling are also accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Students who complete a specified program of study in the Bachelor of Social Science (SS11) can gain membership with the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA).