Student Handbook

There are two publications with which you should become familiar during your enrolment at CHC – the Student Handbook and the relevant courses Handbook.

The Student Handbook is one of the most important documents you will access during your time at CHC. It includes information that applies to all CHC students, such as your rights and responsibilities as a student, as well as information about policies and processes which apply to things such as your enrolment, financial matters and academic issues.

The Courses Handbooks contain information that is specific to the Schools that offer the courses, such as the school-based application of policies, course details and graduation requirements.

Please ensure that you read these publications very carefully. If you have any questions about your enrolment, such as how to change your course or your unit selection in a particular semester, or how to apply for a leave of absence from your studies, or any questions about financial matters or course requirements, these documents should always be the first place you look for the answers. They also tell you which staff member to approach in the event that you wish to speak with someone about a question or issue you might have.