Student ID Card

As a student at CHC, you will be provided with a Student ID Card. This card will show your name, course details and attendance status (full-time or part-time), and will bear the photo that you are required to submit to Student Administration (details below).

CHC requires a recent headshot to generate the card.

You can email your photo to or post it to the following address:

Student Administration, PO Box 2246, MANSFIELD BC, QLD 4122 Australia

The ID card is needed for borrowing from the CHC Library and for entering scheduled examinations.

ID Cards will be available for collection from Student Administration. Please sign the strip on the reverse side of the card as soon as you receive it.

The ID card is valid for the duration of your course. If you lose your card, please complete Request for Replacement Student ID Form. A replacement ID card carries a fee of $20, which is paid with the submission of the form. (Found on Student ID Card link)