Moodle – Online Course Management System

Moodle is the Course Management System that is used at CHC. Our lecturers use Moodle to help facilitate effective online learning and to give you access to resources no matter where you are – you simply need internet access.

CHC was one of the first Higher Education Institutes to move to Moodle 2.7

CHC has added Turnitin to Moodle in order to further simplify submitting your assignments. Turnitin is an online submission of your assessments. It provides an originality check which checks your paper against 24 + billion web pages, and 250 + million student papers and publications. Turnitin checks for plagiarism and also helps you with your writing process by providing you with feedback of your assessment.

Getting started with Moodle is easy and these step by step instructions will further simplify the process for you. If your unit is a part of the Moodle system then you will have had a profile established on the CHC Moodle site. The instructions for updating your profile are clear and very simple.

As Moodle is not administered by the IT department, if you require assistance with Moodle or Turnitin, your first option is to contact the Administrative Officer for your school. If they are unable to assist you, they will put you through to Moodle Administrator.

School of Business (Kirsten Buckner)
School of Education and Humanities (Thia Ferero)
School of Ministries (
School of Social Sciences (Amy Emanuel)

Summary of Moodle Documents

  1. Getting Started with Moodle
  2. Updating Your Moodle Profile
  3. Submitting Your Assessment via Turnitin
  4. Checking Feedback in Turnitin
  5. Saving a Marked Assessment from Turnitin