Community Development Officers (CDOs)

Community Development Officers

The CDOs play a pivotal role in building community amongst the student cohort and providing opportunities for students to connect whilst completing their studies. They provide a vital link between students and staff and ensure that communication channels are kept open. They are your friends on the front line to help you get the most out of your CHC experience. They do this by:

    • Linking and directing students to services
    • Planning, promoting and running events (see the events page)
    • Organizing weekly lunch hangs (every Wednesday after chapel, 1pm onwards)
    • Hanging out and supporting students around campus and one-on-one
    • Assisting the Student Representative Council (SRC)
    • Listening to and advocating for students and passing on relevant feedback where appropriate
    • Overseeing the student common room

There are two CDOs (pictured), Mark and Steph:

Mark is at CHC five days per week, and is also the Overseas Student Liaison Officer.

Steph is at CHC on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  You can find both CDOs in the Community Development Office in the library (next to the front desk) and the Student Common Room.

You’ll probably see them around so feel free to say hi and hang out. You can also talk to them if:

    • You’re not sure how to access services or who to see about something
    • You have feedback, concerns or ideas about your classes or any aspect of study at CHC (see your lecturer and/or course coordinator about academic matters where possible)
    • You would like to get involved in events or help at lunch hangs
    • You need a listening ear (you can also utilize the excellent counselling centre which is freely available to all students)