When completing this form please refer to the Entry Requirements for the relevant course as detailed in the Guide for Overseas Applicants.

Do not complete this form if you are a domestic applicant.

Please be aware of the following information regarding overseas student applications: Please note that there may be quotas on international admissions for some courses. Currently, a quota applies to international students for whom English is an additional language seeking admission to undergraduate courses in Business.

Applications for 2018, 2019 and Semester 1, 2020 are CLOSED for overseas students for whom English is an additional language.

Applications for Semester 2, 2019 are CLOSED for overseas students until further notice due to the number of applications received. CHC will provide further advice regarding whether applications for Semester 2, 2019 for overseas students will be reopening or will remain closed. This advice is expected to be available by October 2017. 

Please be aware that CHC will not be issuing Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) certificates for any courses during the period 28 August-21 September. Applications for admission for commencement in Semester 1, 2020 onwards will continue to be accepted and processed, and Written Agreements sent to successful applicants; however, CoEs will be not be issued until after 21 September 2017.

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