Study Health and Physical Education at CHC

Study Health and Physical Education (HPE) at one of Australia’s Leading Higher Education Providers

Christian Heritage College, Brisbane (CHC) now offers Health and Physical Education units within the School of Education, Humanities and Business.

Students can chose to include HPE units as part of their major or minor area of specialisation in Education, or as elective units within any CHC course(subject to course requirements).

Include HPE in your degree at CHC through the following options:

  • As a MAJOR in the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – include HPE as one of your two teaching areas (six units required)
  • As a MINOR in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – include HPE as your minor teaching area (four units required)
  • As ELECTIVE units within the Bachelor of Education (Primary) or any other Bachelor degree program (including Business, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)

Students from other universities and higher education providers are also welcome to undertake CHC’s HPE units through cross-institutional enrolment.

Health and Physical Education Units

HP100 Introduction to Health and Physical Education

HP110 Health and Fitness

HP220 Games and Coaching

HP230 Scientific Foundations of Sport and Activity

HP300 Psychology and Sociology of Sport

HP310 Sports Organisation and Management

Teaching Faculty

Debra Ayling has over 30 years’ experience in Health and Physical Education in primary, secondary and tertiary contexts. She is passionate about the HPE curriculum and in particular exploring the ‘Health’ context with students to appreciate the positive impact of educating the whole child for quality lifestyle choices.

James Colefax has experience in designing learning opportunities for Health and Physical Education in Middle, Senior Years and Tertiary level. A Queensland School Sport Regional Service Award recipient and Life Member of South Coast School Sport. James is also a member of the Brisbane South Senior Physical Education Panel and current director of the Christian School Sport Association – Queensland.

Daniel Wolfik has 20 years’ experience in Health and Physical Education in Independent and State secondary schools in Australia and the UK. Daniel brings his practical experience as an educator and dedicated expertise as a Panellist and more recently a District Review Panel Chair for Senior Physical Education in Queensland to provide quality, authentic and dynamic engagement with the courses.

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