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CHC Strategic Plan

The “Towards 2020: Raising the Standard” Strategic Plan builds upon the rich legacy of previous strategic planning initiatives undertaken at CHC and the outstanding work of founding Principal Emeritus Professor Brian Millis OAM, CHC Council, CHC Executive and staff community. From this firm foundation, this plan seeks to re-vision, re-cast and re-affirm a range of core strategic priorities and projects that collaboratively have been identified as important milestones to ensure the long term success and development of CHC as a premier Christian higher education provider.

This plan seeks to cast the vision for this exciting next season at CHC, and to further expand the capacity for CHC courses to transform people who will, by His grace, transform their world.

Transforming People to Transform Their World

Christian Heritage College’s mission statement reflects our desire to develop qualified professionals who seek a solid Christian foundation for their life and work.

CHC aims to be a Christian higher education institution that prepares people to make a difference in the world around them and in their professional career.

To love God with your whole heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbour as yourself, are the principles which guide CHC’s mission and which give shape to our pursuit of higher education within a Christian vision of life. The outworking of this is through CHC’s understanding of a Christian worldview which underpins and informs all of our pursuits. Click here to read more about Christian worldview.

CHC values the pursuit of truth. We believe that truth exists and that it can be known. We seek to know more of God and His world through the Bible, the foundation of Christian belief, through learning informed by Christian faith, and through research and scholarship.

CHC Core Values

Bible Based

CHC values the Bible as the inspired Word of God and the final referent in which we find the foundations for a Christian life and worldview. CHC is committed to the exploration of faith-learning perspectives across each of our discipline areas.

Christ Centred

CHC understands that our identity is in Christ, in whom we live and move and have our being. He has pre-eminence in ALL things. An understanding of His love and His truth informs all our scholarship, learning, service and relationships.

Community Oriented

CHC is committed to the cultivation and celebration of authentic relationships founded upon Christ’s commands and expressed through vibrant community. CHC celebrates the rich diversity and inherent worth of every person as a carrier of the Imago Dei and our desire is to encourage, support, and develop human flourishing and service across our community.

Scholarly Focussed

Our faith calls us to seek understanding through scholarship infused with biblical principles and which is marked by a commitment to academic excellence. Our scholarship is an act of worship in which we seek to honour and glorify God through all our scholarly pursuits including teaching, learning, thinking and research.

Truth Seeking

We believe that all truth is God’s truth and are active in discovering and revealing truth in each our discipline areas. CHC, through its staff and students seeks to cultivate both a love for truth and a desire to earnestly search for truth.