CHC Alumni

More than 2,500 graduates have experienced CHC’s unique combination of professional and spiritual development. They are making a difference in all parts of the world as teachers, community builders, counsellors, accountants, pastors, project managers, authors, singers, business managers and many other professions.

As a CHC student you join a special network of professionals who can act as guides, mentors and potential employers. We encourage all of our alumni to stay connected with CHC and continue to benefit from association with one of Australia’s leading Christian higher education providers.

Alumni Stories

Paul’s Story – Business

“Throughout my time at CHC, I was impacted deeply by my studies and access to quality mentors and business professionals who were genuinely motivated to see me succeed. After earning my degree from CHC, I went on to lead a company to an ASX listing and consulted on numerous Boards of Directors. These days, I provide expert guidance on personal investment principles and the Christian stewardship of wealth and resources.”

Bek’s Story – Business

Bek is the Founder of RAW Training, a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) group fitness program. She completed a Bachelor of Business at CHC, graduating in 2014. She combined her previous experience as an online business owner with the strategic, financial and organisational knowledge she gained in her degree to build a business which aligns with her personal values and interests.

“With the support of my lecturers I used the coursework assignments as real-life planning documents, which allowed me to start my business with a solid foundation.”

Phoebe’s Story – Education

“I was attracted to the Christian ethos of CHC; it provides you with a solid foundation in order to truly be the hands and feet of God in your workplace. Studying at CHC has granted me the opportunity to teach Year 2 at a local Independent Christian school where I am supported, encouraged and sharpened to be the best educator that I can be for our little people.”

Jess’s Story – Education

Jess commenced as a Year 1 teacher at Calvary Christian College in 2015, having completed the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree at CHC in 2014. Originally she was attracted to teaching because of its transformative power in children’s lives. As she studied, she realised there was more. “It is also about loving and caring for the children – being their champion and guiding them towards their potential.”

Tiani’s Story – Education

Tiani commenced as a Primary Teacher at John Paul College in 2016, having completed the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree at CHC in 2015. CHC’s unique program of teacher education, including practicums and internship in a variety of school settings, prepared her for life in the classroom. Although she always had a love of children and was interested in their development, her degree helped her to see more.
“Christian Heritage College has helped me to consider all aspects of teaching and learning and the integral dynamics of this profession. Teaching involves a great responsibility to not only teach subject material to children, but also to instil values. During my time at CHC I was pleased to study in a supportive environment where you journey with your peers towards your professional and personal goals, whilst being influenced by those around you and shaped into the best teacher you can be.”

Ruth’s Story – Ministries

“For me, studying at CHC was like opening a treasure chest, a rich, in-depth learning process where God could birth truth in me and restructure my thinking.

I really appreciate the flexibility that came with studying at CHC, giving me the opportunity to work my study commitments around my work and pastoral commitments. Completing my degree helped me to find my calling and equipped me to fulfil it.”

Chris’s Story – Ministries

Chris is an athlete who competes at the national level in track and field. He is also completing the Graduate Diploma in Ministry and works at Citipointe Church in Young Adults ministry.

“I have been studying part-time at CHC for the past three years. I originally started purely for self-development reasons to improve my Bible knowledge. It has now turned into the greatest ministry tool that not only aids my work as an Assistant Pastor but also equips me to influence the world of sport.”

Julia’s Story – Social Science

“Here at CHC, every student is appreciated for the unique person that they are. I enjoy the flexibility of my degree program as well as the diversity of students from all different cultures and I love how accessible and approachable all of our lecturers are.

My degree has led me to work as a Relationships Counsellor in a not-for-profit organisation that supports healthy relationships in our community.”

Marphine’s Story – Social Science

Marphine arrived in Australia as a refugee in 2007, having escaped civil war in Liberia and Ivory Coast. He completed a Bachelor of Ministry and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Social Science, majoring in Human Services. He now works for Melbourne City Mission as a Youth Support Worker using his experience and training to assist youth at risk.

“CHC gave me the practical skills and knowledge to make a real difference to young people with complex issues. I can share my story with them, and give them hope and support in the midst of difficult situations.”

Grants’s Story – Social Science

Grant graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling) and now works in private clinical practice, in schools and as a telephone counsellor. He found studying at CHC to be a great way to combine his passion for helping people, with his faith. Small class sizes and supportive lecturers allowed him to get the most out of his degree, and form long-lasting professional relationships.