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Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts

Students study classical liberal arts subjects, including the trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric and the quadrivium, which includes geometry, music and astronomy/science.  These subjects train students to write, think and speak well, and to appreciate various orders of God’s creation

Students also study history, literature and philosophy.  History and literature are covered in units called “Narrating Western Civilisation.”  These are grouped into three historical periods—Ancient Greece and Rome, Middle Ages and Renaissance, Enlightenment and Modernity—and coordinated with the three basic philosophy units.  The intentional integration of these units helps students to make associations across fields of knowledge—i.e. relating what they learn in history to what they read in literature and discuss in philosophy—training them to think in innovative ways.  Two additional philosophy units cover ethics and cultural engagement. 

Finally, the theology sequence begins with the introductory unit on faith, learning and calling, includes three units in Christian worldview, and culminates in two units on the Trinity, the ultimate mystery of God’s nature. 

Course admission information, including the OP/selection rank, and student profile for the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts can be found here.

AND Master of Education

CHC is renowned for developing sought-after graduates, teachers with a distinctive Christian worldview and commitment to the task, who see their teaching as a ministry and not just a job in state, independent and Christian schools.

Students can choose between Primary and Secondary Teaching, with Secondary specialisations including English, History, Drama, Health and P.E., Mathematics, Business, Accounting and Biblical Studies.

Christian Heritage College’s initial and postgraduate Teacher Education courses have a proud history that spans over thirty years. During that time we have developed strong partnerships with Christian schools in south-east Queensland and beyond. We deliver our bachelor degree and postgraduate courses with a holistic approach, preparing our students for immediate success in the education sector. Graduates who receive our Bachelor of Education are in high demand and are employed across state, independent and Christian schools sectors.

Course Name Code Duration Overseas OC E
Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts MI11 3F/6P (2F accelerated) Available

Master of Education ED51 2P Unavailable

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