Course Structure

The program comprises two culture units designed specifically for ASC students and two discipline units chosen from CHC’s list of units.

Culture Emphasis Units (Required) Credit Points (CP)
The View from Australia 4CP
Australian Indigenous Worldviews 4CP
Total Credits 8CP
Discipline Emphasis Units Credit Points (CP)
(Select two units from any of the following: Christian Studies, Business, Education & Humanities, Liberal Arts, Ministries, Social Sciences)
Christian Heritage College unit # 1 4CP
Christian Heritage College unit # 2 4CP
Total Credits 8CP


Internship (Practicum) Credit Points (CP)
(Select one internship from Business, Ministry or Social Sciences)
Social Science students must also enrol in a co-requisite unit
Internship 4CP
Internship Co-Requisite Unit (Social Science only)
Elective Unit (Ministries & Business only)
Total Credits 8CP

The program recommends to home institutions that students be granted the equivalent of 16 semester hours of credit. Students are required to enrol in at least 16 credits while attending the ASC. When looking at CHC unit outlines, please note that a 10 credit point unit is equivalent to 4 U.S. credits. The unit outlines are samples only and are used to assist prospective and current CHC students in their unit selection.

NB: Please note that not all of these units will be offered every semester. We will endeavour to provide the confirmed list of units for a given semester at least 4 months prior to orientation for that semester.

Units available are as follows:

Christian Studies Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
CS115 Foundations of a Bible-based Christ-centred Worldview Download
CS215 Contours for a Bible-based Christ-centred Worldview Download
CS252 World Religions Download
CS255 Cross Cultural Engagement Download
CS315 Christianity and Worldviews Download

Business Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
BZ100 Introduction to Business and Management Dwnload
BZ101 Business Communication Download
BZ102 Accounting Principles Download
BZ103 Introduction to Marketing Download
BZ104 Economics Download
BZ105 Information Systems for Business Download
BZ201 Data Analysis Download
BZ202 Financial Management Download
BZ203 Business Law Download
BZ211 Financial Accounting Download
BZ212 Management Accounting Download
BZ213 Company Accounting Download
BZ230 International Business Download
BZ231 Human Behaviour in Organisations Download
BZ232 Leadership in Organisations Download
BZ251 Consumer Behaviour Download
BZ252 Marketing Communication Download
BZ253 Creativity In Entrepreneurship Download
BZ300 Christian Philosophy of Business Download
BZ310 Business Planning Download
BZ311 Tax Law and Practice Download
BZ312 Auditing Download
BZ313 Law of Corporations Download
BZ319 Accounting Internship/Project Download
BZ331 Change Management in Organisations Download
BZ332 Human Resource Management Download
BZ333 Strategic Management and Planning Download
BZ339 Management Internship/Project Download
BZ351 Market Research and Analysis Download
BZ352 Event Management Download
BZ353 Strategic Marketing Download
BZ359 Marketing Internship/Project Download
BZ379 Business Administration Internship/Project Download

Education and Humanities Units

Education Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
CR111 Introduction to Cross-Curricular Literacies Download
CR131 Introduction to Language, Literature and Literacy Download
CR161 Introduction to Mathematics and Numeracy Download
CR172 Introduction to Science and Technologies Download
CR182 Introduction to History, Civics and Citizenship Download
CR183 Introduction to Geography, Economics and Business Download
CR184 Curriculum and Pedagogy: Humanities and Social Sciences (P-3) Download
CR220 Content and Pedagogy: The Arts Download
CR232 Curriculum and Pedagogy: English and Literacy Download
CR240 Content and Pedagogy: Health and Physical Education Download
CR262 Curriculum and Pedagogy: Mathematics and Numeracy Download
CR370 Curriculum and Pedagogy: Science and Technologies Download
CR380 Curriculum and Pedagogy: Humanities in Primary Contexts Download
CR384 Curriculum and Pedagogy: Humanities and Social Sciences(4-6) Download
ES113 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development (P-6) Download
ES116 Educational Psychology: Learning And Development (7-12) Download
ES123 Introduction to Teaching and Learning (P-6) Download
ES126 Introduction to Teaching and Learning (7-12) Download
ES232 Educational Contexts and Philosophies (P-6) Download
ES242 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (P-6) Download
ES238 Educational Contexts and Philosophies: (7-12) Download
ES242 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (7-12) Download
ES352 Learning Communities: Schools, Students and Families (P-6) Download
ES358 Learning Communities: Schools, Students and Families (7-12) Download
ES360 Studies in Inclusive Philosophy and Practice Download
ES470 The Professional Teacher Download
ES480 Worldview and Sociology for Teachers Download

* Sample unit outlines for these courses are coming soon

History Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
HT101 A Map of Time: An Introduction to History Download
HT102 The West: Culture and Ideas Download
HT120 Introduction to Australian History Download
HT170 The Americas: Discovery and Conquest Download
HT200 Renaissance and Reformation Download
HT212 War and Peace: 1914 – Present Download
HT213 Social and Political Movements in the Modern World Download
HT220 Issues in Australian Society Download
HT251 Survey of Ancient Civilisations Download
HT256 Holocaust: History and Memory Download
HT261 Australia and the World: An International History Download
HT280 Local and Public History Download
HT385 Philosophies of History Download

*Sample unit outlines for these courses are coming soon

English Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
EL110 The Western Literary Tradition Download
EL140 Great Books Of The Western World I Download
EL150 Great Books Of The Western World II Download
EL190 Creative Writing Download
EL216 The Works of Shakespeare Download
EL226 Australian Literature Download
EL235 Modern Literature Download
EL246 The Bible as Literature Download
EL256 Fantasy and Science Fiction Download
EL266 Children’s and Adolescent Literature Download
EL275 Women Writers Download
EL291 Writing for Contemporary Contexts Download
EL380 Literary Criticism Download

*Sample unit outlines for these courses are coming soon

Mathematics Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
MT110 Foundations of Mathematics Download
MT111 Calculus 1 Download
MT112 Calculus 2 Download
MT210 Calculus 3 Download
MT311 Discrete Mathematics Download

Science Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
SC110 A Christian Approach to Scientific Enquiry Download
SC120 Environmental Science Download
SC130 Physical and Chemical Sciences (7-10) Download

Drama Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
DM100 The Elements of Drama Download
DM120 Introduction to Dramatic Performance Download
DM130 The History of Drama Download
DM211 Expressive Forms Download
DM220 Advanced Dramatic Performance Download
DM241 Drama in Film and Television and New Media Download
DM285 Contemporary Drama Download
DM290 Australian Drama Download
AT380 A Theology of the Arts Download

Health and Physical Education Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
HP100 Introduction to Health and Physical Education Download
HP110 Health and Fitness Download
HP220 Games and Coaching Download
HP230 Scientific Foundations of Sport and Activity Download
HP300 Psychology and Sociology of Sport Download
HP310 Sports Organisation and Management Download

Ministries Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JA101 Biblical Interpretation and Application Download
JA102 Biblical Studies in the Old Testament Download
JA103 Biblical Studies in the New Testament Download
JA205 History of Christian Thought and its Practice Download
JB104 Spiritual Transformation Download
JB105 Theology of Ministry Download
JB201 A Biblical Understanding of the Church Download
JB203 Christian Ethics Download
JB204 Reflections in Theology Download
JB205 Christian Apologetics Download
JB220 Understanding Social Justice within Mission Download
JB314 Jesus: His Life and Ministry Download
JB315 Paul: His Life and Theology Download
JB316 Major Themes of Luke-Acts Download
JC101 Ministry Practice Download
JC102 Communication for Ministry Download
JC103 Leadership for Life and Ministry Download
JC200 The Holy Spirit in Ministry Download
JC211 Engaging in Discipleship Download
JC213 Contemporary Preaching Download
JC217 Social Justice and the Local Church Download
JC218 Building Community Download
JC221 Evangelism and Ministry Download
JC251 Practicum 1 Download
JC310 Effective Teams Download
JC312 Engaging in Pastoral Care Download
JC314 Ministry and Organisational Management Download
JC330 Contemporary Ministry Practice Download

Social Sciences Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
CD240 Community Aid and Development Download
CD241 Community Development Skills Download
CD342 Urban Community Development Download
CD343 Christian Community Practitioners Download
CH240 Chaplaincy: Theoretical Perspectives Download
CH241 Chaplaincy: Skills and Strategies Download
CH342 Chaplaincy: Contexts and Issues Download
CO212 Counselling: Counselling Approaches Download
CO213 Counselling: Introduction to Mental Health Download
CO214 Counselling: Foundational Processes and Strategies in Counselling Download
CO220 Counselling: Development Through the Lifespan Download
CO222 Couselling: The Human Narrative and Change Download
CO223 Counselling: Ethics in Counselling Download
CO380 Counselling: Compulsive Behaviours Download
CO381 Counseling: Mediation and Conflict Resolution Download
CO382 Counselling: Child and Adolescent Issues Download
CO383 Counselling: Family and Relationship Issues Download
CO384 Counselling: Expressive Therapies Download
CO385 Counselling: Grief and Loss Download
CO386 Counselling: Trauma Counselling Download
CO389 Counselling: Sexuality, Spirituality and Counselling Download
DC240 Disability and Aged Care: Theoretical Perspectives Download
DC241 Disability and Aged Care: Skills and Processes Download
DC342 Disability and Aged Care: Current and Emerging Issues Download
FC240 Family Support and Child Protection: Theoretical Perspectives Download
FC241 Family Support and Child Protection: Skills and Processes Download
FC342 Family Support and Child Protection: Current and Emerging Issues Download
HB241 Social Psychology Download
HB342 Contemporary Technology and Human Behaviour Download
HB343 Neuroscience and Human Behaviour Download
MH240 Theoretical Approaches to Community Mental Health Care Download
MH241 Skills and Interventions for Community Mental Health Care Download
MH342 Emerging Issues in Community Mental Health Care Download
SO102 Introduction to Applied Social Theories Download
SO110 The Person of the Practitioner Download
SO112 Introduction to Human Behaviour Download
SO114 Foundational Interpersonal Skills Download
SO115 Introduction to Applied Social Science Contexts Download
SO212 Emerging Issues in Sociology Download
SO222 Research Methods Download
SO223 Ethics, Policy, and Professional Issues in the Social Sciences Download
SO224 Relationships and Families in Sociological Perspectives Download
SO225 Foundations of Community Engagement Download
SO230 Applied Social Sciences Practicum 1 Download
SO310 Transformational Theology for Applied Social Science Practices Download
SO311 Management in Applied Social Sciences Contexts Download
SO312 Reconciliation in Contemporary Contexts Download
SO343 Reflective Practice Download
YO240 Youth Work: Theoretical Perspectives Download
YO241 Youth Work: Skills and Strategies Download
YO342 Youth Work: Current and Emerging Issues Download

Liberal Arts Units

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JB171 Foundations of Faith, Learning and Vocation Download
JB271 Theology of the Trinity Download
LAN101 Grammar and Rhetoric Download
LAN201 Latin Download
LIT200 Classical Literature and Drama Download
LIT201 Medieval and Renaissance Literature Download
MUS101 Music Download
PHL100 Logic Download
PHL101 Ancient Philosophy Download
PHL102 Medieval Philosophy Download
PHL103 Introduction to Philosophy Download
PHL104 Philosophy and Science Download
PHL201 Enlightenment and Modern Philosophy Download
PHL202 Social and Political Ethics Download
THL201 Medieval Theology Download
THL301 Christian Thought and Contemporary Culture Download