Bachelor of Ministry

Bachelor of Ministry

General Information

The Bachelor of Ministry is a three-year course (full time equivalent), and is available on both a full time and part time basis. The course provides an initial professional award for Christian ministry and leadership and aims to develop a broad understanding of ministry to allow students to fulfill a variety of ministry roles within local churches and wider society, as well as biblical, theological and ministry knowledge together with their fundamental principles and tenets. It develops students’ academic skills for lifelong learning and is designed to equip students with the practical skills to function effectively in a professional ministry context.

This course equips students with skills in critical thinking, interpersonal relationships, ethics and compliance, personal development practices, action and reflection processes, working within teams, self and spiritual disciplines and management, leadership, and organisational management.

The maximum time allowed for the completion of the Bachelor of Ministry is 10 years. Extensions beyond this time may be approved where extenuating circumstances exist.

Students who successfully complete the Diploma of Ministry may articulate into the Bachelor of Ministry. Students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Ministry may exit with the Diploma of Ministry, subject to the completion of course requirements.

CHC regards the Bible as the final referent particularly as it applies to defining and shaping Christian Ministry. In the light of this distinctive orientation, the personal, theological, and ministry dimensions of the course are integrated under the authority of Scripture as the revelation of God developed within theological reflection arising from Scripture and applied in ministry and mission.

Course admission information, including the OP/selection rank, and student profile for the Bachelor of Ministry can be found here.

Course Details

Course Code MS11
Level Undergraduate
QTAC Code 093201
Duration 3F/6P
Entry Requirements Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent); English language and Personal suitability requirements apply
Assumed Knowledge English – SA (QCAA) (or equivalent)
Mode On Campus, External Studies
Credit Points 240
Starting Semesters 1 & 2
Overseas Students Available
CRICOS Code 020767J

Course Accreditations

The Bachelor of Ministry is:

Career Outcomes

  • Assistant roles within the church, par church or vocational situations.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Applicants for whom English is not their first language must provide certified documentary evidence that their secondary schooling, or tertiary studies of at least one year, was conducted in the English language or they have satisfactory results in an acceptable English Language Proficiency examination (see table below). Results are to be no more than two years old as at the commencement of the course of study.

IELTS (Academic) 6.5 (at least 6.0 in all subtests)
PTE (Academic) 59 (at least 51 in all subtests)
TOEFL (IBT) 90 (at least 16 in Listening, Reading; 21 in Writing; 18 in Speaking)

Personal Suitability Requirements

Since scholastic achievement is not the sole requirement in ministry, additional factors are considered in assessing applicants’ suitability for entry into the course.

Applicants are asked to submit a personal statement outlining their Christian experience, their understanding of their call to ministry and reasons for seeking to enter the course. Information regarding the requirements of the Personal Statement and a list of topics to address are provided upon application.

Students are also expected to provide, through a pastoral reference, evidence of aptitude and potential for ministry service in terms of temperament, personal qualities, interests and attitude. The Pastoral Referee Report and interview questions are standardised for each applicant.

An interview with the Course Coordinator will also be conducted with individual applicants.

The criteria against which an applicant’s personal suitability for entry to the course is assessed are:Ability to procure a Blue Card (or equivalent);Recommendation by the applicant’s local church Pastor/Minister;Personal alignment with the doctrinal values within the evangelical/charismatic tradition, as expressed in the Citipointe Ministry College Statement of Faith and Code of Ministry Ethics; and

  • Agreement to adhere to the Citipointe Ministry College Code of Ministry Ethics.
  • These criteria are assessed through the triangulation of information collected through each applicant’s personal statement, pastoral referee report and interview.
  • Applicants are notified that the progress of their application is linked to this process. This process is designed to be open and transparent and to be equitable for all applicants.

Course Structure

Bachelor Of Ministry (MS11)

The Bachelor of Ministry is a three year full time course or equivalent where students are required to complete 240 Credit Points (CP) of study. A standard unit carrying a weighting of 10CPs will normally involve an expected ten hours of study and research per week.

The Bachelor of Ministry is structured into three fields of study to provide an appropriate framework for professional ministry education:

      • Field A – Ministry Foundations provides students with the necessary foundational knowledge of Scripture together with the critical thinking and hermeneutical skills to explore and evaluate the plethora of knowledge increasingly available in this age of information, as well as the diversity encountered in an increasingly complex multi-cultural context.
      • Field B – Ministry Formation provides students with personal, theological, ethical and legislative formation to underpin Ministry Practice.
      • FieldC – Ministry Practice provides students with core ministry skills leading to the development of students in various areas of ministry practice.

The course is structured in such a way that Field A provides a Ministry Foundation leading to Ministry Formation in Field B to ensure the undergirding of specific Ministry Practice in Field C.

CHC provides sample unit outlines for each unit offered in this course. Should you wish to view the latest version of a unit outline, please contact the Course Coordinator via the School of Ministries Administration Office at cmc@citipointechurch.com.

The following tables provide the structure and content of the course when undertaken in a full time capacity.

In planning their courses, students must consult the relevant Courses Handbook for information regarding course rules and requirements, including unit prerequisite requirements.

Year One – Semester One

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JA101 Biblical Interpretation and Application Download
JA103 Biblical Studies in the New Testament Download
JB104 Spiritual Transformation Download
JC102 Communication for Ministry Download

Year One – Semester Two

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JA102 Biblical Studies in the Old Testament Download
JB105 Theology of Ministry Download
JC101 Introduction to Ministry Practice Download
JC103 Leadership for Life and Ministry Download

Year Two – Semester One

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JA205 History of Christian Thought and its Practice Download
JB201 A Biblical Understanding of the Church Download
JC211 Engaging in Discipleship Download
JC251 Practicum 1 Download

Year Two – Semester Two

Students complete the following units and 1 elective from Field B (see Field B table below).

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JB203 Christian Ethics Download
JC200 The Holy Spirit in Ministry Download
JC252 Practicum 2 Download
Field B Elective (200) Level see below

Year Three – Semester One

Students complete the following unit and 1 elective from Field B and 2 electives from Field C (see Field B and C table below).

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JC353 Practicum 3 Download
Field B Elective (300) Level see below
Field C Elective (200) Level see below
Field C Elective (300) Level see below

Year Three – Semester Two

Students complete the following units and 2 electives from Field C (see Field C table below).

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JC354 Practicum 4 Download
Field C Elective (200) Level see below
Field C Elective (300) Level see below
JC391 Directed Study Download

Elective Units

Elective units are to be chosen from the following units. Students are required to complete 2 Field B units and 4 Field C units.

Field B

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JB204 Reflections in Theology Download
JB205 Christian Apologetics Download
JB314 Jesus- His Life and Ministry Download
JB315 Paul- His Life and Theology Download
JB316 Major Themes of Luke – Acts Download
 JB391 Directed Study  Download

Field C

Unit Summary Sample Unit Outline
JC213 Contemporary Preaching Download
JC217 Social Justice and the Local Church Download
JC218 Building Community Download
JC221 Evangelism and Ministry Download
JC310 Effective Teams Download
JC312 Engaging in Pastoral Care Download
JC314 Ministry and Organisational Management Download
JC330 Contemporary Ministry Practice Download