Social Sciences Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Course Name Code Duration Overseas OC E
Diploma of Social Science SS04 1F/2P Available
Bachelor of Applied Social Science SS17 3F/6P Available
Bachelor of Social Science (Continuing Students Only) SS11 3F/6P Available
Bachelor of Counselling SS18 3F/6P Available

Postgraduate Courses

Course Name Code Duration Overseas OC E
Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership SS31 .5F/1P Available
Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychotherapy SS33 .5F/1P Unavailable
Master of Counselling SS51   2F/4P Available
Master of Social Science (Continuing Students Only) SS53 1F/2P Unavailable
Master of Social Science Leadership SS54 1.5F/3P Available

Overseas – Overseas students who are studying in Australia under the provisions of a temporary visa.

OC – On Campus, E – External Studies

Course Coordinators

Master of Counselling – Toni Neil

Undergraduate (Diploma and Bachelor) Social Sciences Courses

Postgraduate (Grad Cert, Masters) Social Sciences Courses – Dr Johannes Luetz

Counselling and Support Centre – Dr Ann Crawford

Course Accreditation

School of Social Sciences courses are:

        • approved for FEE-HELP, Youth Allowance/Abstudy and Austudy (eligibility requirements apply).

The Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling) and Master of Counselling are also accredited by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Students who complete a specified program of study in the Bachelor of Social Science (SS11) can gain membership with the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA).