Congratulations! After a significant investment of time, intellect and money, you have arrived at the point of graduation. We hope that this information is helpful in planning for your special evening.

Guests are asked to be seated by 6:10pm for the commencement of proceedings at 6:15pm. The ceremony will conclude between 8:00 and 8:30pm.

Graduand registration

On the evening of the graduation ceremony you will be required to register from 5:00pm. You must be registered no later than 5:20pm. If you are going to be late, please contact Student Administration up to one day prior to the event, or text or call 0413 589 242 on the day and report to a CHC staff member as soon as you arrive.

When you arrive, please make your way to the robing room, which is located in Citipointe Church Room A2. After you register, you will be directed to your allocated area where you can collect your academic dress and CHC staff will be waiting to assist you with dressing.

The graduand briefing will commence at 5:40pm, so please ensure that you have time to organise your academic dress and be seated by 5:35pm. The briefing will advise you about the proceedings of the ceremony. Please follow the directions of the staff at all times. If you have any questions, please ask the staff for assistance.

What happens during the ceremony?

You will be directed into the Citipointe Church Foyer to line up for the Graduand Procession.

  1. Guests are asked to stand for the entry of the Graduand Procession.
  1. Graduands and guests remain standing for the entry of the Academic Procession. Graduands, guests and members of the Academic Procession remain standing until the Chair of CHC Council is seated.
  1. Graduands and guests remain seated for the Chair’s welcome address.
  1. Any special awards are presented.
  1. Graduands and guests remain seated for the President’s Address.
  1. The President will say, “Will the graduands please stand?” All graduands will stand.
  1. The President will request that the Chair of CHC Council admit the graduands to their respective degrees, diplomas and certificates. The Chair will confer the awards by saying, “By the authority of the Council of Christian Heritage College, I confer upon these candidates the nominated awards.” The graduands have now become graduates. The President will ask the graduates to be seated.
  1. Graduates are directed onto the stage to be congratulated by the Chair. Staff will ask you to stand in groups, file out of your seating row and move behind the screens toward the stage. You will be directed to walk up the stairs and wait at the lectern until your name is announced, at which time you will walk across the stage to receive your award and be congratulated by the President and the Chair of Council.
  1. When facing the Chair:
    • Gently shake his hand with your right hand;
    • Take the CHC cylinder in your left hand;
    • Face the photographer for the shot;
    • Walk straight ahead and move offstage.
  1. Once offstage, walk around to the photographer station to have your individual photo taken, and then move to the signing station. Tell the staff your name and award and they will give you your testamur and transcript. Return to your seat as directed.
  1. After all the graduates have been presented, the President will invite one of the graduates to present the Student Address.
  1. Once all graduates have been presented to the Chair, the President will ask the graduates, members of the Academic Procession and guests to stand for the dedication of the graduates.
  1. Guests will remain standing for the departure of the Academic Procession. Graduates will join the Academic Procession as it leaves the auditorium. This is the conclusion of the ceremony.

After the ceremony

You and your family and friends have the opportunity for photographs to be taken and some time is provided for you to greet your guests and to have private photos in your academic dress.

You are able to remain in your academic dress for 45 minutes after the conclusion of the ceremony. We ask that you return to Room A2 for disrobing by 8:45pm.

Please ensure that you sign out before leaving to record that you have returned your academic dress.