The following information refers to the annual CHC graduation ceremony for graduates of the School of Education and Business, the School of Social Sciences and the Millis Institute. Information for graduates of the School of Ministries should refer to the Citipointe Ministry College website.

Graduation Ceremony

The annual CHC Graduation Ceremony is held in December each year at Citipointe Church.

All mid-year graduates and applicants for the end-of-year conferral period are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony. Information regarding the ceremony will be sent to all mid-year graduates and applicants for the end-of-year conferral period in October. If you are expecting to participate in a graduation ceremony but do not receive information from CHC by the end of October, please contact Student Administration

You will receive an email to your CHC email address that includes information regarding the date of the ceremony and instructions to RSVP to indicate your attendance. Regardless of whether you are attending or not attending the Graduation Ceremony, please ensure that you RSVP using the appropriate form.

Feel free to invite family and friends to the ceremony. There is no ticketing cost and you can invite as many guests as you like.

If you or your guests have special needs or require wheelchair access, please contact Student Administration

For the enjoyment of your guests, Rivers Café is open before and after the ceremony. Food and coffee is available for purchase.

Free parking is available onsite.

Academic dress

CHC makes available for hire high quality academic dress for graduation ceremonies. This includes gowns, hoods or stoles (as appropriate) and mortar boards. These are explained below.

If you are planning to attend the graduation ceremony, you will need to order your academic dress as you RSVP.


You can pay for your academic dress hire through Westpac PayWay secure link (you will be automatically directed to this site once you have completed the online form).


On the day of the graduation ceremony, please make your way to the robing room (Citipointe Church Room A2) by 5.00pm. You will be required to sign in to receive your academic dress. CHC staff will be available to assist you with dressing.

Academic dress regulations:

Academic dress at CHC is governed by CHC Policy: Graduation, which is approved by CHC Council. The complete policy can be found on the CHC website. A summary is provided below.

CHC Academic Dress


All graduands, including holders of previous Bachelor, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma awards, wear plain black gowns. The gowns for Masters graduands have long sleeves, while the gowns for all other graduands have short sleeves.


Only graduands holding ‘degrees’ (that is, Bachelor or Masters awards) wear hoods. Colours are used to differentiate the different awards.


Graduands from Diploma and Graduate Diploma courses wear silk stoles, with colours used to differentiate the different awards. If graduates hold previous degrees, the stole is worn over the gown and under the hood of the academic dress appropriate for those awards.


Graduands from Associate Degree and Graduate Certificate courses wear silk sashes, with colours used to differentiate the different awards. If graduates hold previous degrees, the sash is pinned to the front of the gown.


All graduands wear a black cloth trencher with a black tassel. This is commonly known as a ‘mortar board’.

Holders of more than one degree

Graduands who hold more than one degree are required to wear academic dress appropriate for the award being conferred at their graduation ceremony. Graduates who are having multiple awards recognised at the one ceremony are required to wear academic dress appropriate to the highest award.

Ceremony attire

Graduands are required to wear suitable attire beneath their academic dress: for example, shorts, T-shirts, thongs, joggers and other casual clothing or footwear are not considered appropriate. CHC suggests that graduates wear smart casual attire, but graduates are welcome to dress more formally.

Graduands may wish to consider that academic gowns are predominantly black and will cover most of the outfit apart from your shoes. The gowns are open at the front and expose the lower arms.

Please wear sensible footwear as you will be walking up and down stairs to and from the stage. Be aware that you will be wearing a mortar board (cloth trencher) as headwear, so be mindful of this if you are planning an elaborate hairstyle.


CHC contracts a photographer to record the event for you. All graduands are photographed on stage as they are congratulated by the Chair of CHC Council, and there is opportunity for individual, group and family photographs to be taken. Depending upon the photographer, photographs will be available for purchase either on the night or in the following weeks through an online ordering system.