Follow these five steps to complete your enrolment.

STEP ONE: Accepting Your Offer

You will have received your offer of admission directly from CHC (as a Written Agreement). You now need to respond to your offer – to advise whether you wish to accept your offer, to defer your offer, or to decline your offer.

Having received your Written Agreement from CHC, you have two weeks to respond to your offer. Should you wish to accept your offer of admission, please sign and return your Written Agreement together with payment of the relevant tuition fees, other fees and Overseas Student Health Cover premium (as applicable). The amount payable is noted in the ‘Finalising your enrolment’ section of your Written Agreement.

On receipt of these items CHC will issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) certificate, which you will need to submit to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) as part of your student visa application.

Should you wish to defer or decline your offer, please contact Student Administration at

STEP TWO: Unit Selection Guide

Click on the appropriate link below to go to the relevant Unit Selection Guide:

Please read your Unit Selection Guide before completing your online Unit Selection form.

STEP THREE: Unit Selection Form

The Unit Selection Form – Commencing Students and Unit Selection Guides are available for you to indicate the units in which you wish to enrol for Semester 1, 2017. The Unit Selection form is completed online through the CHC website.

If you have any questions regarding the Unit Selection form, please contact Student Administration at or phone +61 3347 7900. ,

STEP FOUR: Interview

All overseas students are to attend an interview before they commence their studies on campus. Please contact Alison Greeneberg, Admissions Officer, at to arrange your interview.

STEP FIVE: Your Final Checklist

Once you have completed the above steps and have completed all of the forms that are relevant to your enrolment and supplied CHC with a passport sized photo of yourself, your enrolment is complete. Please note that you are required to supply CHC with a copy of your student visa when you have received it from the Department of Home Affairs.

We look forward to sharing your exciting study journey with you.

Please return the completed forms and other items (as applicable) to:

Student Administration
Christian Heritage College
PO Box 2246