Overseas students have special requirements which apply to their enrolment at CHC. These requirements are set out in the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act of the Australian Government, and the Education (Overseas Students) Act of the Queensland Government.

Detailed information regarding these special requirements can be found in the CHC Student Handbook, which may be accessed from the Documents page of this website. Please ensure that you read this handbook carefully. A summary of these requirements is provided below.

Completion within the expected duration of study and Study loads

Each course at CHC has an expected duration of study based upon the number of units required to complete the course and the full-time study load in each semester (compulsory study periods only) which is applicable to that course. Overseas students are expected to complete their courses within the associated duration of study. For example, if you are studying a Bachelor of Business, which has an expected duration of 3 years (full-time), then you are expected to finish this course within 3 years. CHC is able to extend the expected duration of your course in a limited number of circumstances only.

Overseas students must maintain a study load which results in the completion of their courses in the expected duration of study. This means that, normally, you need to undertake a full-time study load in each semester of your course. However, your student visa allows you to vary your study loads across semesters – that is, to undertake a normal, reduced or increased study load in each semester of your course – as long as you complete it within the expected duration of study.

Modes of study

In general, Overseas students must undertake courses in the Internal mode; that is, via regularly scheduled classes which are conducted oncampus in a face-to-face context . However, your student visa allows you to undertake a maximum of 25% of your total course in the External mode, although you are not allowed to enrol exclusively in External units in any one semester, unless it is the Summer Semester.

Satisfactory course progress

It is a condition of your student visa that you maintain satisfactory course progress. At CHC, if you fail two or more units in a semester, or the same unit more than once, you will be identified as being at risk of failing to maintain satisfactory course progress and an intervention strategy, called a Review of Academic Progress, will be implemented which is designed to help you identify the reasons for being at risk of failing to maintain satisfactory course progress, and strategies to avoid its repetition.

Code of conduct

CHC has developed a Code of Conduct which aims to engender a commitment to the basic principles of behaviour and respect as established in the Bible, and to create a constructive environment for academic endeavour, Christian community and personal growth. The Code of Conduct also sets out the grounds on which any suspension or cancellation of enrolment at CHC may occur.

Course assurance arrangements

CHC has Course assurance arrangements in the event that it cannot continue to provide a course in which Overseas students are enrolled. Please see your Student Handbook for more details.

Overseas Student Grievances policy

CHC aims to maintain the highest levels of confidence in the quality and integrity of its courses and administrative practices. If you have a concern about an academic or non-academic issue, please consult the Overseas Student Grievances policy for the process to follow to have it addressed.

Changing your enrolment

While you are studying at CHC, it may be that you wish to change an aspect of your enrolment. In this case, certain processes apply, such as:

  • Changing your personal details – Submit a Change to Personal Details form
  • Changing your units in a semester – Submit an Application for Change to Unit Selection form
  • Changing your course – Submit an Application to Transfer Course form
  • Taking a Leave of Absence – Submit an Application for Change to Enrolment Status form

These forms may be accessed from the Documents page of the CHC website.

Your Student Handbook contains detailed information regarding the processes which apply to each of these changes. Please note that due dates apply to some of these changes, and that there may be financial implications if you do not meet these due dates.

Transferring to another provider

After commencing studies at CHC, you may decide to transfer to a course at another provider. Please consult your Student Handbook for the processes you need to follow in order to do this.

Suspending or cancelling your enrolment

A suspension or cancellation of your enrolment may be initiated by you, or by CHC, for a variety of reasons. These reasons, and the conditions which apply to these actions, are explained in detail in your Student Handbook.