Student IT Information

Business BZ201

Are you a BZ201 student? Look no further for more information about MegaStat – the software that’s required for your studies.

Computer Lab

Despite the fact that most students these days have their own laptops, iPads or Tablets, there are still times when having access to a PC on campus is very convenient. In the Learning Hub there are PCs for students to access in order to do assignments and check their emails whilst on campus. The Computer Lab page provides you with information about logging in and general usage of the computers in the Lab.

Email Accounts

The student CHC email accounts are powered by Office365.

Go to the Email Accounts page to find out more about accessing and using your CHC email account.

Learning Hub (Library)

Struggling to log onto the Online Journals or the Catalogues? You will find instructions that may assist here.


Have you got questions about Moodle? Moodle is your Online Course Management System. You’ve come to the right place for documents assisting you with Moodle.

Network Usage and Conduct

The CHC Network has been provided to assist students with their studying whilst on campus. In order to provide everyone with fair access to the internet and network, there is a certain level of expectation regarding use and behaviour while using the CHC network. It is the responsibility of each student to familiarise themselves with these expectations.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

If you wish to do any printing, copying and scanning whilst on campus, you will find the multi-function printers in the Learning Hub, and more information on our Printing, Copying and Scanning page.

Support Documents Summary

If you haven’t found the information you are looking for, try this list of support documents.