Moodle – Online Course Management System

Moodle is the Learning Management System that is used at CHC. Our lecturers use Moodle to help facilitate effective online learning and to give you access to resources no matter where you are – you simply need internet access.

There are a range of other programs available through Moodle which assist with learning and teaching. These include:

  • Turnitin
  • BigBlueButton (BBB)

Turnitin is an internet based plagiarism prevention and submission portal for student assessments. It provides an originality check which checks papers against 24 + billion web pages, and 250 + million student papers and publications. It also provides students with detailed feedback that engages students and assists with the writing process. Turnitin also provides access to e-rater which provides diagnostic feedback about grammar, usage, mechanics, style, organisation and development of a student’s writing.

BBB is a web conferencing system designed for online learning. This platform supports student learning in an easy and convenient way through Moodle. Classes assist students with learning and understanding content, and they facilitate discussion and interaction with both the lecturer and other students in the class. Classes can also be recorded for learning and teaching purposes.

Getting started with Moodle is easy and these step by step instructions will further simplify the process for you. All units are accessible through Moodle and all students have individual accounts set up for use while studying here at CHC. The instructions for updating your profile are clear and very simple.

For questions relating to Moodle, please contact your school administrator as listed below or the Director of Online Learning –

School of Business (Kirsten Buckner)
School of Education and Humanities (Thia Ferero)
School of Ministries (
• School of Social Sciences
The Millis Institute (Alex Crook)



Summary of Moodle Documents

  1. Getting Started with Moodle
  2. Updating Your Moodle Profile
  3. Submitting Your Assessment via Turnitin
  4. Checking Feedback in Turnitin
  5. Saving a Marked Assessment from Turnitin
  6. BigBlueButton interface explained
  7. How to join a BigBlueButton class