Network Usage and Conduct

The IT Department endeavours to provide students with the technology they require to succeed with their studies at CHC. Technology that students have been provided with include:

• Network, Internet and Email access
• Personal storage area on the servers for saving documents from Library PCs
• Multifunction Printers in the Library for copying, scanning and printing
• Campus wide WiFi

These facilities can be accessed from the Library or your own mobile devices once they are connected to the wireless network. When a person connects to the CHC network, it is expected that they will act responsibly and with consideration for others who are also accessing the network. The CHC network is for studying purposes only and not for viewing videos, downloading large files, streaming music or accessing Bit Torrent sites.

Wireless Network

A Wireless Network is available for students whilst on campus. To connect to this network, please follow the instructions set out in this document.

If you’re not sure of the Security Key, it may be obtained from the Library Front Desk, the Help Desk (in the Learning Hub) or by emailing IT Support .  This should be a “one off” process each semester.
N.B. Your Student ID card will be required for sighting in order to obtain the Wireless Key.  Please have your card ready to show staff when they request it.

Problems connecting to the wireless network? Come to the Help Desk (in the Learning Hub) and request assistance, or email IT Support

Network Infrastructure

IT equipment has been placed in the Lecture rooms, Library and at strategic points throughout the campus in order to provide the best possible service. All of this equipment is the property of CHC and no person, other than a CHC IT person is authorised to unplug, change or tinker with it in any way.

Lecture room PCs and Data Projectors have been set to give optimum performance and viewing. Tampering with these is unacceptable. If a change to the setup is required, please contact IT by phoning (3347 7900), coming to the Help Desk in the Learning Hub or emailing IT Support

Any equipment that is connected to the wired network is not to be unplugged – this includes wireless access points, Lecture room PCs and Data Projectors and the PCs in the Computer Lab.

Network Usage

All email, internet and network access at CHC is not private and is monitored. CHC IT staff have the right to examine files on the personal storage area and to monitor for misuse of the network. In the event of dispute or suspected misuse, email accounts may also be examined. Network, Internet and email access have been provided expressly for studying purposes and are the property of CHC.

Students are provided with network and email credentials and it is their responsibility to keep them in a secure place and not share them with others. Users are held responsible for any activity that is carried out on their account. No student may access another student’s network or email account under any circumstances.

Any violation of local, state or federal law by a student whilst on the CHC network will result in the loss of network access and the student will be held responsible for the violation in accordance with the CHC Code of Conduct Policy. (CHC, 2007)

It is the responsibility of all students to maintain any mobile devices that they use to access the network in a clean condition. This includes having an up to date antivirus installed as well as conducting regular checks for malware. Any device that is detected spamming or spreading viruses on the network will be removed from the network until it is shown to have been properly cleaned.

Attempting to access illicit web sites, spamming (sending out unsolicited bulk emails), spoofing (making an email appear to have originated from someone else), hacking or uploading/downloading illegal, pornographic or immoral material and carrying out any other anti-social activities including downloading large amounts of data or accessing Bit Torrent sites on the CHC network is expressly forbidden and will be dealt with under the CHC Code of Conduct Policy. (CHC, 2007)

Extract from CHC Code of Conduct Policy. (CHC, 2007, Supporting Procedures and Guidelines 3.3)
3.3 Misuse of information technology facilites or property of CHC (including software) or communications of CHC.
Example 1: Misusing information technology facilities for any unlawful purpose.
Example 2: Misusing information technology respurces to illegally obtain information.
Example 3: Unauthorised modification, transfer or deletion of any CHC data, software or hardware.
Example 4: Unlawful copying of software using CHC information technology resources or installing unauthorised software on any CHC information technology resources or in any CHC information technology facility.

Response to Violations

In accordance with the CHC Code of Conduct Policy. (CHC, 2007, Supporting Procedures and Guidelines 3.3), CHC will endeavour to ensure that the severity of the penalty is commensurate with the severity of the offense.

Students who violate any of the above conditions, may be subject to one or more of the following disciplinary actions:

• A phone call about the violation
• An email/written notice and warning about disciplinary action
• Network access may be revoked until the student undertakes in writing to amend their ways
• Network access may be revoked until the situation has been rectified