Dr Luetz to speak at international Climate Change Conference


Dr Johannes Luetz (CHC)

Dr Johannes Luetz, Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Coordinator in the School of Social Sciences, and Chair of the CHC Research Committee has recently been accepted to present at a major international symposium.  The Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Region will be held in Fiji on 26-28th July, 2016.

The Symposium focuses on the important issue of climate change – a topic which requires improved understanding for its potential to foster resilience in countries in the Pacific region as they adapt to climate change over time.

Organized by the University of Fiji, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the International Climate Change Information Programme, this Symposium is interdisciplinary involving scholars, practitioners, researchers and governmental agencies.  Johannes will be presenting research based on his Ph.D.  His paper, entitled “Climate change and migration in the Maldives:  Some lessons for policy makers” argues that forward thinking policy development is a critical success factor for equitable human migrations which have been prompted by natural disasters and environmental change.  Papers from the conference will be published in book form as part of the award-winning and world’s leading book series on climate management: “Climate Change Management” published by Springer.