For complete information regarding CHC fees and charges, please refer to the Fees & Charges document on the Documents, Forms and Booklists page.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Overseas students at Christian Heritage College are calculated in accordance with guidelines set by the Australian government, which indicate minimum indicative fees for Overseas students. Overseas students should be aware that their Tuition fees are subject to annual increase as these minimum indicative fees are reviewed annually, and that the revised annual fee will apply to all Overseas students.

Please see the Financial Information page for details regarding tuition fees for Overseas students.

Full-Time Study Load

Overseas students are generally required to maintain their enrolment in a full-time, on campus course. A standard annual full-time study load for CHC courses is 80 credit points (8 units) [40 credit points (4 units) per semester].

Units in excess of standard full-time study loads are charged at the normal rate.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

The Australian government requires Overseas students and their dependants to obtain health insurance for the duration of their visas. OSHC provides cover for medical and hospital care costs which Overseas students may need while in Australia. This cover commences from the time students arrive in Australia.

CHC’s preferred OSHC provider is Medibank Private, and CHC can accept payment of OSHC premiums on their behalf. However, students are able to obtain health insurance from any other government-approved OSHC provider by dealing with them directly. Other such providers include Allianz Global Assistance, BUPA, and AHM. Please note that CHC has no relationship with any other government-approved OSHC providers and can accept OSHC payments from students for Medibank Private only.

Full details of prices and options (including discounts for multiple-year policies), and information about the services covered by Medibank Private OSHC, are available from Medibank Private.

Please note that you are required to have obtained Overseas Student Health Cover for your visa application. If you choose to have CHC arrange your OSHC through its preferred OSHC provider, this will be indicated on your Written Agreement and the applicable premium will be included in the fees you are required to pay upfront to finalise your enrolment. This will also be indicated on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) certificate. Should you choose to obtain OSHC from another provider, you will be required to supply separate evidence of having obtained OSHC for your visa application.

A list of medical centres, hospitals and pharmacies which are located in the suburbs surrounding CHC is provided to Overseas students as part of their Orientation materials.

Refunds for Overseas Students Policy

The Refunds for Overseas Students policy sets out the conditions under which Overseas students may be eligible for a refund of Tuition fees, and the process which is to be followed when applying for a refund.


Accommodation options for Overseas students vary according to a number of factors; for example, whether alone or with family members. The options include houses or units which are available through commercial rental agencies, off campus units which offer shared accommodation for individuals and off campus boarding arrangements with families.

There are two major student accommodation residence buildings in the Mt Gravatt area – Uniresort and Genesis1. Information regarding these facilities is available on their respective websites, and application is made directly to the facilities themselves. Also, CHC is sometimes notified of accommodation offered by families in the area.

For further information regarding accommodation, please contact the CHC Reception.

Family (Dependants) and School-age Children

If you intend to bring family members to Australia, you should first confirm that your student visa allows for this. You should be aware that, while in Australia, you are responsible for supporting your dependants. A student bringing a spouse and/or children to Australia will need to have enough money to support them before the Australian Government will issue a visa. This includes providing Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) and paying childcare and/or education tuition fees for school-age dependants aged 5-18.

Childcare in Australia is quite expensive, and you should contact childcare centres directly for information regarding fees and availability before you arrive.

Visa conditions require that dependant school-aged children attend school full-time. Australia has a dual school system, a government schools sector and an independent schools sector. Both sectors charge tuition fees for attendance by school-aged children who are in Australia as dependants on a parent’s student visa. Information regarding fees and other requirements for enrolling children in Queensland government schools is available from the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment. For information regarding enrolling children in Christian and other independent schools in the Brisbane region, please visit the websites of Associated Christian Schools, Independent Schools Queensland and Christian Schools Australia.

Citipointe Christian College, Citipointe Childcare and Citipointe Christian College International are located on the same campus as Christian Heritage College. Overseas students with school-age children may find this to be a convenient arrangement. Citipointe Christian College offers education from Preparatory to Year 12.

Further information regarding visa requirements for dependants and children is available on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Living Costs

Living costs might include items such as accommodation and utilities, food (self-catered), clothing, public transport and entertainment. The financial capacity requirements for a student visa are such that the following 12-month living cost amounts will need to be demonstrated:

  • Student/guardian – AUD $19,830.00;
  • Partner/spouse – AUD $6,940.00;
  • Child – AUD $2,971.00.

The12-month living costs are the amounts that overseas students will need to demonstrate for themselves and any dependants in order to fulfil this aspect of the financial capacity requirements for a student visa, and do not represent the actual amount of living costs that may be incurred by overseas students.

You should allow for a 5% increase in living expenses each year.


CHC does not offer any scholarships for Overseas students. However, applicants from certain countries may be eligible for Australian government scholarships. For information, you should contact the nearest Australian diplomatic mission.

Travel Concessions

State government travel concessions are not available to Overseas students at CHC.

Goods & Services Tax

Generally, tuition fees and course materials are GST-free. However, GST is payable on textbooks and other materials sold by CHC.