Education Agents

CHC is committed to providing the best possible educational outcomes for our students.  With this in mind we have arrangements with Education Agents in a number of regions to assist students with the application process, including visa applications, minimum entry requirements and all the associated documentation.

Please refer to the following list if you are applying from any of the listed countries.  If your country of origin is not on this list of approved Education Agents you can apply directly to CHC for admission to our courses.

AMS Bridge Blue Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Philippines, Thailand, Zimbabwe
Blue AFEC letters Arora Foreign Education Consultants India
Intercraft Educational Consultancy Pty Ltd Nepal

KJM International China
Roma International Consultancy Nepal
SAGA Studies India
Smart Study India
Think Higher Pty Ltd Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE
Victor International Pty Ltd China
Visa Explore Migration and Education Services India