LAUNCH Program

LAUNCH Program

LAUNCH offers you the opportunity to excel academically and experience life as a CHC student. You can study up to three units during Years 11 and 12 (a maximum of one unit per semester).

CHC offers early admission to your higher education studies and subjects may count towards your QCE.

When you successfully complete a CHC unit in the LAUNCH program, you automatically meet the academic entry requirement into the related undergraduate course when you complete Year 12 (other entry requirements may apply that you must meet to gain entry). If you are accepted into the course you will also receive credit towards your degree.

LAUNCH students do not pay tuition fees, but are required to meet any personal study costs such as text books, etc.

LAUNCH Requirements

As a LAUNCH student, you will be part of a class of first-year CHC undergraduate students. The LAUNCH program is offered outside normal school hours, and you will need to attend all the required classes for the unit. LAUNCH units normally require three hours of on-campus contact per week. In order to successfully complete your LAUNCH unit, we recommend seven additional hours of personal study each week. Some LAUNCH units are available externally. You do not need to attend any classes for external units, but you need to engage in the learning materials for approximately ten hours per week via the Moodle learning platform.
Just remember that these commitments are on top of your Year 11 and/or Year 12 study program.

You are eligible to apply if

•   you are in Year 11 or 12;
•   you are achieving HA and/or VHA levels for your subjects at school; and
•   you have the support of your school and parents/guardians.

Queensland Studies Authority reporting requirements:

For Year 12 students completing the Queensland Certificate of Education, CHC is required to inform the Queensland Studies Authority of students enrolled in the LAUNCH program and their resulting grades. This is for recording on the Queensland Certificate of Education. A LAUNCH unit is recorded as two credits of Advanced courses of study – it does not count towards your OP.

Enquiries about LAUNCH should be directed to: Student Administration

Email address: admissions@chc.edu.au

Phone: 07 3347 7915

Apply now for Semester 1 2019

The LAUNCH units being offered in Semester 1 include:

        • Business: BZ100 Introduction to Business and Management
        • Education: ES113 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development (P-6) and ES116 Educational Psychology: Learning and Development (7-12)
        • Ministries: JA101 Biblical Interpretation and Application
        • Social Sciences: SO112 Introduction to Human Behaviour
        • Liberal Arts: THL171 Christian Thought and the Liberal Arts

Semester 1 2019 Timetable

LAUNCH units for Semester 1, 2019 commence in the week of 25 February, 2019.
(please note: LAUNCH units are timetabled for after school hours eg. 4:00-7:00pm, 5:00-8:00pm)


Unit Code Unit Name Lecturer Day Time Venue Sample Unit Outline


BZ100 Introduction to Business & Management D’Wayne Wigley Monday 4:00-6:50pm 4:00-6:50pm



ES113 Educational Psychology: Learning & Development
Robyn Press Monday 4:00-6:50pm 4:00-6:50pm Download
ES116 Educational Psychology: Learning & Development (7-12) Dr Craig Murison Monday 4:00-6:50pm 4:00-6:50pm Download
MINISTRY JA101 Biblical Interpretation & Application Sandra Godde Monday 6-9:30PM 4:00-6:50pm Download
SOCIAL SCIENCES SO112 Introduction to Human Behaviour Dr Johannes Luetz TBA TBA TBA



Christian Thought & the Liberal Arts

Dr Ben Myers Monday 4:00-6:50pm 4:00-6:50pm