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Master and Graduate Certificate of Social Science Leadership

School of Social Sciences

With today’s leadership context in mind CHC has developed two new postgraduate leadership degrees to enhance your capacity as a leader in social sciences and to equip you with the skills, perspectives and credentials to create lasting transformative social change.

In addition, they incorporate a strong leadership focus with a theoretical understanding of contextual social sciences engagement and Christian worldview integration. The courses are therefore intended for those who hold a foundational understanding within a social sciences context, or those who want to upskill as they are promoted into leadership positions within their field.

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Why Postgraduate Study at CHC?

• Nationally accredited career pathway in any professional context

• Online and person-centred learning approaches

• Flexible programs: full-time and part-time

• Scholarships available

Why Social Science Leadership?

Leadership is a developing field. Whereas in the past leaders were widely perceived as people who had answers and gave command-and-control directives to followers, today’s leaders are more accurately perceived as facilitators who can ask strategic questions and effectively instigate and lead complex change processes that engender power through people as opposed to over them.

Operating under this new paradigm today’s leaders are more than ever faced with the challenge of understanding the complex questions facing today’s societies, and then building capable, functional and effective team responses that meet local and global social needs.

Course Information

The Master and Graduate Certificate of Social Science Leadership are open for applications for Semester 1, 2018.

The Graduate Certificate of Social Science Leadership is nested within the Master of Social Science Leadership. Students who enter the Graduate Certificate course can transfer to the Master course.

Graduate Certificate Units:

S0540 Leadership Theory

SO541 Leadership Practice

SO542 Leading and Facilitating Strategic Change

SO663 Leading Reflective Practice

Master Units:

S0540 Leadership Theory

SO541 Leadership Practice

SO542 Leading and Facilitating Strategic Change

SO663 Leading Reflective Practice

SO650 Leading Relational Dynamics

SO651 Transformative Social Engagement and Christian Worldview

SO662 Group Facilitation

SO653 Research Methods

SO693 Research Proposal

SO694 Leadership Thesis

Entry Requirements

To qualify for entry to the Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership (SS31) or Master of Social Science Leadership (SS54), applicants must have completed an undergraduate or higher qualification in the Social Sciences or a closely related discipline.

Applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for standard entry to SS31 may be admitted under alternative entry requirements. To satisfy alternative entry requirements, applicants for SS31 must have at least five years’ relevant employment experience (full time equivalent) within the ten years prior to application for admission, in an area of social science practice for which evidence is to be provided in consultation with the Course Coordinator. This may include: (1) current CV; (2) statement from an employer; (3) contact details for two referees; and/or (4) written personal reflection paper (2,000-3,000 words).

There is no alternative entry path available to gain admission to the Master of Social Science Leadership (SS54).

Applicants for whom English is not their first language must also meet minimum English language proficiency requirements.

Apply Direct

To enrol in the Master or Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership, please complete the Application for Postgraduate Admission (Direct Entry) form. Applications for Semester 1, 2018 are now open.

All enquiries regarding the Master of Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership can be directed to the CHC School of Social Sciences on (07) 3347 7900 or via email jluetz@chc.edu.au, while questions regarding the application process can be directed to admissions@chc.edu.au.

Expression of Interest

Please contact me about the Master or Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership at CHC.

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PhD Research Pathway

The Master of Social Science Leadership (flyer) is to Social Science what the MBA is to Business: A key to future professional proficiency and competency. 

The course comprises an 18,000-word research thesis, which enables students to conduct in-depth research in an area of personal interest relevant to their field of expertise. As such the course offers a pathway for future PhD research.

Andrew’s Story

“Without the carefully planned research element of CHC’s Master’s program, I wouldn’t be doing my PhD today! The Master’s program not only gave me vital fundamental academic and higher research skills, but importantly provided irreplaceable stepping stones to my PhD scholarship.

Starting with the Research Methods, Research Proposal and then the Thesis, every step was professionally guided, set against a backdrop of bedrock Christian values, yet individual research interests and creativity given full expression to produce a thesis that I was truly proud of. Importantly it contributed to my research portfolio that I could then take to Griffith University to gain admittance to a PhD (researching Adoption in Australia).

Finally this process, besides opening the door to a PhD, invested in my own confidence, spirituality and sense of self. I only ever felt encouraged to persevere, to be my best, and today I take those life and research skills with me everyday as I now continue on my PhD journey; a journey that my Masters at CHC made possible.”

Notable Guest Lecturers in 2017

Dan Kelly
Vice President – Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs, World Vision International
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Tim Costello
Chief Advocate World Vision Australia
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