Student Ambassadors are current students who promote CHC and share their experiences with external communities, including prospective students, families, guests and career advisers.

They share their knowledge and passion for CHC with people thinking about higher education and who want to gain a deeper understanding of campus life.

Student Ambassadors make a significant contribution to the college community while developing  public relations, communication and leadership skills.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Being an Ambassador is a rewarding  job with many benefits, including:

          • earning money while you have fun
          • enhancing your communication & networking skills, team work, leadership and public speaking
          • gaining valuable work experience
          • flexibility to choose your shifts
          • broadening your networks
          • enhance your resume
          • receive a letter from the CHC President

In this diverse role, you will be required to represent CHC and its courses at a range of events including:

          • school, community and major expos (for example TSXPO)
          • CHC Open Day, Orientation and Graduation
          • annual corporate events
          • school visits


To be eligible as a Student Ambassador, we expect you to:

          • be enthusiastic about sharing your experience with prospective students
          • dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per semester
          • attend training and information seminars
          • dress appropriately
          • honour any commitments you make to the team

Key requirements

To become an Ambassador, you need to be enthusiastic about your course and about CHC.

          • hold a current Queensland Drivers Licence
          • have the right to work in Australia
          • be flexible with hours
          • have completed at least one semester of study at CHC

How do I apply?

          • The 2017 Student Ambassador program has been finalised.