How to Apply

Applications for Semester 2, 2017 are now OPEN and will close on Monday 17 July for Ministry and Counselling courses, and Thursday 20 July for all other courses. Applications for overseas students will close on 1 June for all courses. If you have any questions about your application, please contact CHC Admissions via email

Application for admission to CHC differs according to whether you are a domestic applicant or an overseas applicant, the type of course you would like to study, or whether you would like to enrol as a cross-institutional student.

Check the table below to see whether you should apply through QTAC or Direct to CHC.

For those who require assistance with completing their online application to either QTAC or CHC, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3347 7900 and we would be more than happy to help. We can walk you through your application step by step over the phone or assist you on campus at the CHC Learning Hub.

Students Who Should Apply Through QTAC

All undergraduate courses (except Millis Institute)

Students Who Should Apply Direct to CHC

All postgraduate and Millis Institute courses.

All overseas applincants


Applications made through QTAC are accepted on a year round basis with CHC student intakes received at start of the year and mid-year. Please refer to the QTAC website for offer dates.

Current Year 12 students can find all relevant information on the QTAC website and advice will be given by your school on how to lodge your application.

Mature age students should also apply through QTAC. You can lodge your application online at The QTAC website explains how to complete your application correctly and lists the documentation you will require. If you are 21 or older, and don’t qualify for admission based on your formal study, other informal studies, bridging courses or professional experience may apply.

Contact CHC for information on the Mature Age Entry Scheme by email: or phone: (07) 3347 7900.


Submit a completed Application Form online.

Graduate Certificate in Management
Graduate Diploma in Management
Master of Business Administration

Education and Humanities
Graduate Certificate in Christian Education
Master of Education

Millis Institute (Liberal Arts)
Diploma of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts

Graduate Certificate in Ministry
Graduate Diploma in Ministry
Master of Ministry Leadership

Social Sciences
Graduate Certificate in Social Science Leadership
Master of Social Science Leadership
Master of Counselling

If you need help completing this form, contact us direct on ph: (07) 3347 7900 or email:

For postgraduate courses you will need to provide certified copies of all official academic transcripts, showing all courses previously undertaken and awards granted.

Overseas applicants will require a copy of the Courses Guide for Overseas Students obtainable from the Documents page. Alternatively, you can request a copy by phone: (617) 3347 7900 or email:

Students who have studied at CHC within the past two years and who wish to recommence their course or to transfer to a new course are to apply directly to CHC.

Domestic Applicants

You are considered to be a domestic applicant if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a Permanent Resident or hold a Permanent Humanitarian visa.

Domestic applicants apply directly to CHC or via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) depending upon the course for which application is made (see above).

Please refer to the QTAC website for all information regarding closing dates for offer rounds.

Overseas Applicants

If you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a Permanent Resident or hold a Permanent Humanitarian visa you are considered to be an overseas applicant. CHC welcomes overseas applicants over the age of 18.

Overseas applicants should consult the Guide for Overseas Applicants from the Documents page. This publication more fully outlines the requirements for studying in Australia and the process involved in being offered and accepting a place at CHC.

Applications from prospective overseas students are processed upon receipt. Applicants should be mindful that student visa applications made to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection can take a number of weeks to be assessed, and should submit applications accordingly.

Any questions regarding the application process are to be directed to Student Administration.

Cross Institutional Applicants

Students from other universities may apply to enrol in courses at CHC to gain credit towards an award at their home university. Cross-institutional enrolments are subject to the rules of Christian Heritage College, including those relating to academic progress.

Download Cross-Institutional Enrolment Document